tres leches layer cake

Tres Leches Cake 01

You know how you procrastinate and put something off for days and then it turns into weeks and then suddenly it’s just too late to do it? This blog was about to turn into one of those projects. D:

Which made no sense, really, since I cook or bake something almost everyday so it’s not like I would run out of content anytime soon or anything. So today I decided to get off my lazy butt (or get on it, since the problem was that I hadn’t sat down with a computer for an extended period of time in a while) and write up a new blog post! (About a cake that I made about six months ago, but shhh.)

Anyways, time to move on to the star of today’s show: tres leches cake! Mmmm, can you imagine anything better than a fluffy sponge cake soaked in milk? It’s like combining two of the best things in the world to make something even better. I don’t even know what I’m saying anymore. Tres leches does that to me.

Tres Leches Cake 02

So the basic concept is you bake a sponge cake, let it cool and stab it a few times, and pour a heavenly mixture of three milks onto it. Then you let it sit (this is the hardest part). But don’t worry, in just a short amount of time the milk will be perfectly absorbed and soaked in and the resulting cake is just amazing. If I could soak everything in milk and get away with it I probably would.

Now normally, tres leches cake is made as a sheet cake. With this cake, however, I wanted to do something a little different because I’m kind of obsessed with layered cakes and can never pass up an opportunity to make one. The only problem was that the best part of this of this cake comes from all the milk that’s soaked into it, so I was worried that the cake wouldn’t hold up well or would fall apart if I tried stacking it. I tried to come up with a solution by simply reducing the amount of milk I poured on, and lo and behold, a beautiful layer cake that was able to survive being transported fifty miles and was still beautifully soaked and moist by the time we ate it!

Tres Leches Cake 03

You can see how I ran out of pirouette cookies to cover the sides.. don’t be like me, make sure you have enough ingredients before you begin!

And now, onto the creation of this cake!

01You start by baking up two sponge cakes.

02 03

While that cools, whisk up your three milks. Poke some holes into the cooled cakes with a skewer or fork, and then pour the milk mixture onto your cakes.


While that’s sitting, whip up some heavy cream. (I added a bit of creamcheese to mine for more stability). Remove the cakes from the pans and onto a cake plate (or whatever you’re serving it on; you probably aren’t going to be able to move this one it’s assembled) and fill with the whipped cream.


Mmmmmm, tres leches….

Now do a rough crumb coat. Don’t be lazy like me and try to spread it more evenly to cover every bit of naked cake.




Ta-da! I broke pirouette cookies in half and lined the sides with them (you could definitely try to break them more evenly but I was in a rush and trying to finish this cake from start to completion within a span of two hours and could not be bothered to put more care into that…) and tied it with a ribbon to hold them in place (the frosting should do a good job of that but I was planning on transporting it fifty miles and just wanted to make sure it stayed together), and then I piped rosettes on top using a Wilton 1M tip.


Something still felt like it was missing so I brushed edible gold dust on the rosettes. :3 (You can find this almost anywhere – I’ve seen it at Michaels, Joann Fabrics, and even Walmart.)

Tres Leches Cake 03



Yumm, look at that edible gold dust. (It actually doesn’t taste like anything, which makes it very versatile!)

Tres Leches Cake 02

And there you go! A beautiful tres leches layer cake that looks like it took hours to make but really only took about two! : ) (Unless you wait the required cooling times, which I would recommend, but shhh.)


Tres Leches Layer Cake Recipe


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