About Me

Wannabe chef in the making.
Self-taught amatuer home cook, feeding my hungry friends and family. While baking is my passion first and foremost, classic cooking is not far behind. I’m starting this blog as a response to multiple requests to share my recipes.

Amateur adventurer, explorer, adrenaline-junkie.
My love for exploring is second only to my love of cooking. Whether it’s hiking through dense forests to watch the sun set from the top of a cliff or crawling through the only small tear in a wire fence to discover a small lake hidden on campus, or even trekking through marshland and around broken docks to find a new beach (and subsequently getting yelled out and kicked off because apparently I had trespassed onto private property… woops), going on adventures to find new places is something I will never tire of.

Professional bunny lover.
Because, I mean, what else is there to be in life?

Hope you all enjoy! I’m still very new to this and the blog is just a baby right now so feedback and constructive criticism are greatly appreciated!


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