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“There’s a secret about baking that most great bakers keep hidden, but I’m about to blow it for all of us. Here it is: it’s not really about the baking. For those of us with even the tiniest bit of anxiety, shyness, or fear of rejection, baking is a profound expression of our affection. It’s the least creepy way to extend a heartfelt message without saying a word, whether that message is “Hey, I really like sitting in this newsroom with you all day,” or “Hey, I’m secretly in love with you and maybe want to have your babies.” See? It’s a totally non-creepy, non-verbal way to say something that could potentially be VERY awkward. Baking is a safe haven for your heart and a substitute for your words. When a baker offers you a slice of their latest project, she might as well be offering you her fragile little heart.”

—  Julie Thomson, via HuffPo


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