a mad tea party in the woods

I’ve been dreaming of tea parties for years. I’m pretty sure I came out of the womb dreaming of tea parties.  That, paired with a kind of unhealthy love of all things Alice in Wonderland related (I mean, bunnies, drugs, and tea parties? What’s not to love?), was a beautiful mess of a mad tea party waiting to happen.

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chicken noodle soup

quick and easy chicken noodle soup

Remember the days as a child when you got sick and then your mommy would spend hours to make you the yummiest heartiest chicken soup ever? Well, at some point in the last twelve years, those days ended for me and I started having to make my own. It sucks, right? I have to make my own soup and buy my own Nyquil and tuck myself into bed, all while being sick… but I digress. The only good thing about all of this is that instead of having to stand at the stove for hours making broth, my chicken noodle soup takes less than fifteen minutes from start to finish to make. Yippee!

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tres leches layer cake

Tres Leches Cake 01

You know how you procrastinate and put something off for days and then it turns into weeks and then suddenly it’s just too late to do it? This blog was about to turn into one of those projects. D:

Which made no sense, really, since I cook or bake something almost everyday so it’s not like I would run out of content anytime soon or anything. So today I decided to get off my lazy butt (or get on it, since the problem was that I hadn’t sat down with a computer for an extended period of time in a while) and write up a new blog post! (About a cake that I made about six months ago, but shhh.) Continue reading