ooey gooey molten lava cake

Is there anything better than warm ooey gooey chocolatey desserts? Anything? At all? No? I didn’t think so. 

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chocolate hazelnut mille crêpes


Gâteau Mille Crepes, literally translated to “thousand crepe cake,” is a classic French dessert that’s been around for centuries. It is, as the name implies, a cake made of stacked crepes held together by pastry creme or jam or whatever strikes your fancy. I first heard of this dessert in an episode of a show I was watching years ago – the main character, a young girl studying to become a pastry chef, was challenged to make this confection. Her first attempt failed horrendously, and I, being the competitive (and slightly bratty) sixteen year old I was, absolutely had to perfect this dessert before she did in the following week’s episode.

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So after years of debate, procrastination, and endless nudging from various friends and acquaintances, I have officially started my very first food blog, Juju in a Teacup! (Some background info: Juju is an old nickname of mine and everyone knows that I absolutely adore all things tea party related, hence the ‘teacup.’)

First and foremost I’d like everyone to know that this blog is essentially just a way for me to experiment and better myself in the kitchen, while also sharing my recipes and making them easily accessible.

I’m incredibly blessed to have dedicated taste-testers who will compliment me no matter what my food tastes like and give me a huge ego boost (my friends), and also those who will offer criticism no matter how delicious the recipe came out (my family). So a special thanks to all of you guys for bearing with me and my love of cooking!

To the rest of you, I have many scrumptious recipes coming up so I hope you’ll stick around!